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WorldShift PC Game

WorldShift is a next-generation, cyber-fantasy RTS game set in a dark future of Earth, where after a mysterious object from space hits the planet and releases the Plauge, many civilazations are wiped out. Now the remaining population must defend itself against the Tribes, successors of early humans that were affected by the Plague.  WorldShift is a next-gen cyber-fantasy RTS game designed to be quick and very easy to learn and play. It offers hectic, fierce encounters all around the Earth and a fascinating story uncovering ancient secrets about the true nature of themysterious objectfrom space known as the Shard, as well as the mysterious of the Plague. WorldShift free download here.


System Requirements:
2 GHz single-core CPU
512 MB RAM (1 GB for Windows Vista)
DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with 128 MB of video memory (Radeon 9600 / GeForce 5800 and above)
DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
Keyboard and mouse
3 GB of hard drive space
download link:
download file
Download the latest WorldShift PC Game. WorldShift PC Game free download here. Get ready to change the world of your PC. Prepare to get all the latest WorldShift PC Game free download here in PcPowerGames.

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