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Sea Dogs PC Game

Sail the high seas as a young servant corsair for one of the large European powers: England, France, Spain, or become a rebel and fight for yourself as you explore the old Atlantic ocean in search of precious treasure as gold and gems, and eventually build your army of ships and crew to conquer a string of islands and claim them as your own. Non-linear gameplay allows the player to complete many side-quests which in turn, reward you with gold, experience, magic artifacts, and more. Combining action and role-playing into an exciting hybrid, combat will occur frequently where you will be able to board enemy ships for melee combat, capture enemy ships, forts, towns, take hostages, and make allies. Weather effects such as rain, storms, or high winds will play an important role in your progress and success, and with twelve different ship types with over two hundred sizes, eight large towns containing over one hundred non-player characters, Sea Dogs will bring a rare setting to action and role-playing; no orcs and trolls here. Sea Dogs free download here.

System Requirements:
Pentium 4/Athlon XP 1.5 GHz,
256 MB of memory,
video card with 64 MB memory,
download link:

download file

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