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The Operative: No One Lives Forever PC Game

The game is story-driven, and is a mixture of a first-person shooter and a stealth game. Most (but not all) missions can be solved in multiple ways: using sneaking to avoid danger, using gadgets, or by going in with guns blazing. A novel feature of the game is its array of gadgets, including a body-removing powder (for disposing of incriminating corpses), lock picks, and an electronic poodle to distract guard dogs. Additionally, the missions are littered with "intelligence items": briefcases, envelopes, and manila folders containing textual notes which often provide humorous side-notes to the game, as well as overheard conversations between guards or scientists (the truth about the failure of the Ford Edsel, for example). Points awarded from intelligence items can gain certain awards at the end of the mission that will add up for bonuses. For example the 'Thanks For Not Getting Hurt' Award allows a 10% increase in maximum health – up to a limit of 120%. Such bonuses are available for health, armor, ammo capacity, damage, accuracy, and reputation. The reputation awards are earned by choosing the 'nice' responses in dialogue trees (although it is uncertain what benefits the reputation bonuses confer). The game is also notable for its use of sound: not only are enemies aware of noise made by the player, but the game features 1960s-style music, which flexibly adapts to the situations that players finds themselves in, similar to that of movie soundtracks (for instance, increasing in tempo or urgency when the player is in a combat situation). The Operative: No One Lives Forever free download here.

System Requirements:
OS: Windows 2000/ME/XP/Vista
CPU: 400MHz
RAM: 128MB
DirectX 7.0
DirectX-compatible sound card
download link:

download file

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