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Pirates of the Caribbean PC Game

Blending roleplaying elements with the strategy of shiptoship combat, Pirates of the Caribbean offers players a chance to set sail on the high seas as a treasurehunting pirate. The player's career is not locked into one path, however. Players can work for a European power to lead a squadron, or forgo the pillage and plundering altogether for merchant sailing. Those with a taste for blood and vengeance can become a bounty hunter, or the true freedom of a pirate's life can be enjoyed with no strings attached. Players begin the game by creating a character with limited skills in the areas of ship control, trading, fighting, and various other traits. As players become more proficient at sailing, their attributes will gradually increase and nonplayer characters may join their ranks. As in titles like Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat, the action is divided into two parts: sailing and visiting islands or towns. While sailing across the sea, players are responsible for steering, raising and lowering sails, monitoring crew and prisoners, and managing cargo and armaments. Computercontrolled characters will tag along while players enter towns and travel across islands, and even join in on fights. Exploring islands may reveal smuggler's lairs or hidden treasure caves to add to one's coffers, while towns are filled with buildings such as taverns, shipyards, and churches that players can enter to purchase items or to speak with characters. Combat on the seas may involve multiple ships at once as well as sieges on fortresses, and players have the option to board enemy vessels to steal their crew and whatever goods they may be carrying. Originally known as Sea Dogs II, Pirates of the Caribbean was retitled to promote the 2003 feature film, which in turn was inspired by the popular Disney attraction. Pirates of the Caribbean free download here.

System Requirements:
OS -98,
Win 2000,
Millennium Edition,
Mouse or compatible device,
SVGA monitor,
3D accelerator card with 32MB of memory,
DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card,
download link:

download file

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