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The Chronicles of Spellborn PC Game

On the game: post-apocalyptic fantasy MMORPG, which takes place in a broken into many fragments of the world. The game embodies a lot of original ideas: additional system experience PeP, complete absence avtoboya and auto-, minimalist interface, drawing combo attacks from the chains of spells. In The Chronicles of Spellborn PC gamers will have to play in an impressive online world, containing scenic landscapes, majestic cities and the remnants of the destroyed world. Alone or with friends, step into the world of adventure fantasy realm consisting of various parts: a piece of the destroyed world inhabited by floating in a magical storm Deadspell. Unique rotate Skill Deck system enables you to easily make various tactical combinations of blows. You will play third-person-shooter with a similar control. 9 classes represented in the game with individual skills and game style. Hundreds of quests you tell a great story. In TCoS there are different factions. Interaction NPC and wildlife in the game is based on the predator / victim (predator / prey system). You can create different objects. Open PvP system will be on specific servers. The game is made on the engine Unreal Engine 2.5. The Chronicles of Spellborn free download here.

System Requirements:
Windows XP / Vista
Pentium 4 2.6 GHz
Memory 2 GB
Hard disk space 12 GB
3D Graphics card, 256 MB
Pixel Shaders 2 Support
DirectX 9.0c or higher
Internet Connection Broadband
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download file

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