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ArmA: Combat Operations PC Game

Armed Assault: Combat Operations, also known as ArmA, focuses on making a thoroughly authentic military gameplay. Like Battlefield, it attempts to mix action FPS elements with a simulation of real-life battle. Unlike Battlefield, it is far more realistic and focuses a lot less on the "action" part. ArmA creates a realistic approach in both gameplay and control, whereas Battlefield just wants to look realistic while having easy to pick up game. ArmA features a new engine with a fresh modern setting and focuses on freedom of action and immersive complex environments, blended with a unique touch of total simulation, based on a technology used to train real soldiers around the world, including U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Army and Australian Defense Forces. In ArmA, players will be able to seamlessly explore massive environments (over 200 sq. kilometres) and combat intelligent enemies that try to out think and outmaneuver you. In ArmA it is important to preserve the lives of yourself and your squad members in the heat of a modern armed conflict. Jump into any of a large selection of available vehicles, including armored vehicles and aircraft. ArmA: Combat Operations free download here.

System Requirements:
System:Pentium IV 2.5 GHz or equivalent
RAM:512 MB
Video Memory:128 MB
Hard Drive Space:8000 MB
Other:Hardware Pixel/Vertex Shader Model 2.0 and Open AL compatible sound card
download link:

download file



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