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Wizardry 8 PC Game

The ultimate aim of the game is to collect the three artifacts mentioned in the story and to place each on its pedestal in the final zone. This allows ascension to the Cosmic Circle, becoming a god. Characters imported from Wizardry VII: Crusaders of the Dark Savant start in either the Umpani stronghold or in the T'Rang stronghold, depending on the player's alliance. If the imported characters failed their mission in Wizardry VII, resulting in their banishment into space, they will be given a message that they're "still floating in endless darkness" and will not be allowed to start their adventure in Wizardry 8. New characters or unallied characters imported from the previous game start in the HigardiMonastery. Wizardry 8 uses different statistics than the previous games, necessitating conversions from the upper limit of 18 to the new upper limit of 100. The game has an automap that expands into a larger map that can be zoomed in and out. Players can write notes directly onto the map. The quests are relatively simple to complete (other than the secret areas and the retro dungeons, which are not essential to the game). The game provides a journal system, with highlighted items indicating things that warrant further investigation. Games can be saved easily, with an unlimited number of games able to be saved. When characters die they can simply be resurrected, either with powders and scrolls (expensive early in the game), or by casting a resurrection spell later on in the game. For the first time in the Wizardry series, players are able to see enemies approaching instead of having them popping up randomly. Combat is turn-based, although a continuous-phase mode can be toggled for those who wish. Because combatants are free to move around during combat, some disadvantages of the combat engine can quickly become apparent. Fights with more than ten enemies can become tedious, while spells that cause fear can cause the enemies to run away, even though the player's party is still flagged as being in combat. Due to the way enemies tend to surround the party, it is often necessary to retreat into nooks and crannies in the terrain in order to prevent being flanked, despite having a very good formation function. Each race and class has a balance of strengths and weaknesses. The various races and classes are designed to be balanced against each other. The game is designed so that a wide variety of parties can be assembled and still be playable. Characters may change their class as they advance, allowing a variety of combinations. Monsters are scaled to the party level; higher level parties will face different sets of monsters than a lower level party in the same area. The scaling is limited to allow variation in difficulty. For players seeking a more difficult challenge, Sir-Tech brought back an option to play using rules from the early Wizardries - the "Iron Man Mode". In this "permadeath" mode, players are not allowed to save the game; instead the game is automatically saved when the player quits. As a result, a death cannot be trivially undone by a simple "Restore Game". There are four main paths to proceed through the game: Allying with either the T'Rang or Umpani, allying with both, or else being enemies with both. In addition, players can also choose to gain friendship with the Rattkin or the Trynnie, and players can choose whether or not to ally with the Rapax, Rattkin Razuka or Mook (though none of these choices affect the ending of the game). There are many secret areas, including "retro dungeons". Retro Dungeon refer to the look of the dungeons in the original Wizardry (Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord). Instead of vast open views, players are greeted with a solid, traditional grid-based dungeon in the style of Eye of the Beholder and the old Might and Magic games. Spinners, traps and teleporters combine to make these optional areas a challenge and reward for players who wish to test themselves. The game received generally good reviews, but failed to increase the size of the franchise's fanbase. New casual gamers had some difficulty adjusting to the old-school RPG feel of the game. With a lack of widespread advertising and limited distribution, the game failed to attract much attention at its release. Wizardry 8 free download here.

System Requirements:
Windows 95 OSR2, 98, or 2000
a 233 MHz processor or better
64 MB of RAM
a 3D accelerator with 8 MB of texture memory 
4x CD drive 
download file:
download link
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