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TOCA Race Driver 3 PC Game

TOCA Race Driver 3 (also known as DTM Race Driver 3 in Germany and V8 Supercars 3 in Australia) is the third title of TOCA racing video game series, developed and published by Codemasters. TOCA Race Driver 3 was released in Europe and North America on February 24, 2006. The game features several fully licenced championships, including the DTM series and V8 Supercar championship. It includes 120 Championships and 35 Types of Racing through the Championship in World Tour, Pro Career, and Free Race. Also it has Bonus Championships in different disciplines. They take place largely in the UK and Germany, though many more tracks are unlocked by winning cups in Pro Career, or by setting a lap time record on a course within Pro Career mode. Open wheel, GT, Oval racing, Rallying and Off-road racing were all featured, and can be raced in either a detailed Pro Career mode or an open-ended World Tour. Online play allows 12 and 8 players on Xbox and Playstation 2, respectively. Currently, it is the only racing simulator for Playstation 2 with an online racing mode. It received good reviews, frequently being compared favorably to Gran Turismo 4 and Forza Motorsport, in the aspects of cars on track, damage and AI. The game features many real-life competitions, including British GT, DTM, and IRL, as well as a Vintage series, other GT series, and Rally. The Formula Williams FW27 is the featured car of the Formula 1 series in the game. The Mac version of TOCA Race Driver 3 is developed by the one of the leading Mac game development house Robosoft and published by Feral Interactive. TOCA Race Driver 3 free download here.

System Requirements:
Windows 2000/XP
DirectX 9c
Pentium 4 or Athlon at 1.4GHz
256Mb RAM
Supported 32Mb Graphics Card
DirectX 9 Compatible Sound Card
6.0 Gigabytes Hard Disk Space
2x DVD-ROM Drive
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