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Lock On: Modern Air Combat PC Game

Lock On: Modern Air Combat or LOMAC, known in Russia as Lock On, is a modern combat flight simulation developed by Eagle Dynamics and published by Ubisoft in Europe and 1C Company in Russia; widely regarded as one of the most realistic simulators in its class[citation needed], it is considered as a survey simulator by its creators[3]. It contains 8 flyable aircraft and over 40 non-playable/AI-controlled planes. The game mainly revolves around air-to-air combat and air-to-ground combat with some optional, unique roles such as pinpoint/anti-radiation strikes, anti-ship strikes or aerobatics. The game realistically models all aspects of take-off and landing, AWACS (also known as AEW&C), carrier-based landings (for the Su-33), and Aerial refueling. Over 180,000 buildings, 50 million trees, 21 cities, 1,700 towns, 500 bridges, 18 airfields, and 8 naval bases are present in a virtual world modelled after Black Sea region. The 8 flyable aircraft are the MiG-29A, MiG-29C , Su-27, Su-33, Su-25, MiG-29G (a German MiG-29 variant with a native board-computer), F-15C, and the A-10A; only the Su-25 and A-10 are dedicated close air support aircraft, the rest are air superiority or multi-role fighters with limited or no air-to-ground capabilities. Due to the small number of aircraft the player can only fly as a pilot from either the United States, Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Georgia, Israel or Germany. A flexible mission editor is included to allow users to make a wide variety of missions or even full-length campaigns, equal to the quality of those presented with the game. Many fan created mission packs and campaigns have also been released. Lock On: Modern Air Combat free download here.

System Requirements:
OS:Windows 98/ME/XP/2000 (Windows XP Recommended)
Processor: Pentium III 800/AMD Athlon 600 or better (Petium 4 2.0 GHz, AMD Athlon 1800, or better recommended)
Memory: 256 MB RAM (512 MB RAM recommended)
Graphics Card:3D video card (DirectX 8.1 compatible) w/32MB RAM (128MB recommended)
Sound Card (Direct 8.1 compatible)
DirectX 8.1 or higher (included on disc)
X CD-ROM or better (Not recommended for use with CD-RWs)
Internet connection (56 kbps or better) or LAN for multiplayer
Hard Drive Space 1.1 GB
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