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Fort Zombie PC Game

Fort Zombie is a focused-scope, casual RPG title in which the game world revolves around a single building – your fort – and the mission specific chunks of the small town that surrounds it. Instead of a major city or a vast countryside, players focus their efforts on building up a single structure, finding and training survivors, and venturing out into town looking for supplies. Players take control of a particular building in town, and begin gathering the supplies and survivors needed to build it up by day and help defend it by night. Fort Zombie free download here.


System Requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP SP2/Vista/7 
CPU: Intel Core2 Duo 6600 or equivalent 
Memory: 2GB of RAM 
Hard disk space: 1GB free hard drive space 
Video: DirectX 9.0c SM2 compliant graphics card with 512M of RAM minimum. 
Sound: DirectX-compatible
download link:
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