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Deus Ex PC Game

In Deus Ex, a thrilling role-playing, action-adventure game, you play the part of a powerful nanotechnologically augmented antiterrorist agent. It's up to you to stop the conspirators from achieving their goals. This extensive official game guide is at the ready. Deus Ex free download here.

Minimum System Requirements:
CPU Type: Pentium II
CPU Speed in MHz: 300MHz
Hard Drive Space: 150MB
Sound Card: DirectX compliant
CD Drive Speed: 4X
Video Card: DirectX compliant 3D accelerator
Graphics Type: 3D accelerated
Compatible Devices:
Software (DirectX 5.0, etc.): DirectX 7.0a

Recommended System Requirements:
CPU Type: AMD Althlon or Pentium III
RAM: 128MB
Hard Drive Space: 750MB
Sound Card: EAX or A3D compliant
CD Drive Speed: 8X
Video Card: 3D accelerator
Video RAM in MB: 16MB
Software (DirectX 5.0, etc.): DirectX 7.0a
download link:
Download the latest Deus Ex PC Game. Deus Ex PC Game free download here. Get ready to change the world of your PC. Prepare to get all the latest Deus Ex PC Game free download here in PcPowerGames.

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