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Day of Defeat: Source PC Game

Day of Defeat: Source is set in World War II, specifically the European Theatre in the year 1944. Players choose to join the forces of either the United States Armyor the German Wehrmacht and compete against each other in a variety of game modes. Players select from one of six classes to play as, each with its own role within the team. Player characters cannot take much damage, and in some circumstances can be killed by a single bullet, forcing players to make use of cover to stay alive. When a player character dies, that player starts a short countdown for reinforcements. When the timer runs out, the player and any friendly players killed in that time respawn into the game at their insertion point as the next wave of troops. All weapons in the game have realistic limits to their use: machine guns must be deployed to maintain accurate fire or to be reloaded,rocket launchers must be shouldered to be aimed and fired, sniper rifles are most accurate when used with the scope and grenades not "cooked off" before release may be easily fled or even thrown back by the opposition. The game was initially released with four maps, although later updates have introduced five new official levels and eight community produced maps supported by Valve. The game's levels are based after real battles in the Alliedcampaigns in Italy, Sicily and France, such as the Falaise pocket or the beach landings of Operation Shingle at Anzio, as well as entirely fictional battles. Combat can take place in several environments, such as city streets, buildings and sewers. Each online game can sustain a maximum of 32 players. Day of Defeat: Source free download here.

Minimum System Requirements:
1.2 GHz Processor
DirectX 7 level graphics card
Windows 2000/XP/ME/98
Internet Connection

Recommended System Requirements:
2.4 GHz Processor
DirectX 9 level graphics card
Windows 2000/XP
Mouse, Keyboard
Internet Connection

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